All students(6th-8th)who plan on applying to private school(s)for following school year must inform the counseling secretary, Lee-Ann Swanson. All application and recommendation forms must be submitted to teachers and school counselor by December 21, 2018 for online and paper submission.

Please remember, you are asking for a recommendation. Keep in mind this is extra work for your teachers. Students please don’t forget to say “Thank you” to them. We recommend you visit schools, attend open house, curriculcum night, take campus tours, and meet current students to gather as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision about which school is best for you. We always suggest that you write or email a thank you note to any school(s) that you’ve visited. Please contact your school counselor with any questions.

When applying online, please be sure you have the correct email address for all of your teachers and school counselor. The staff’s email address is the initial of our first name, last name @domain. Once that’s completed, the staff member will receive an email notification to complete their part of the application process.

For example:

Lee-Ann Swanson (Counseling secretary,

Sharon May (8th grade counselor),

Mike Ng (7th grade counselor),

Nate Wilcox (6th grade counselor),


If you are submitting a paper application:
  • Please bring all forms from the private school(s) you are applying to your school counselor and we will distribute the teacher recommendation forms to them. If there is a specific teacher you want to fill out the forms, please let us know.
  • Bring in a stamped 10″x13″ envelope, addressed to EACH private school you are applying for.
  • The school counseling office will coordinate all your recommendations and transcripts.
  • We’ve streamlined the process and the private schools appreciate getting all the information at once from us.
Once you make the decision to attend private school, you must notify our counseling secretary, Mrs. Swanson, that you’re no longer enrolling in the Lexington Public Schools. A parent/guardian will have to come in and sign a release form, so we can send your new school all of your records at the end of the school year.

In regard to paper applications:

Diamond Faculty and Staff are more than willing to complete private school applications. Please encourage your student to narrow their choices to no more than 5 schools. If you submit more than 5 applications, faculty and staff will use only the common applications for all of the schools.  Given the number of recommendations requested, this is the only fair way to meet the needs of all students.  Thank you for your understanding.