We are the Diamond D.R.U.M.mers!

Diamond Middle School has adopted the DRUM acronym to articulate our pro-social core values.  Why a DRUM?  Our school is named after William Diamond, the drummer in Captain John Parker’s Company who sounded the alarm summoning the members of the Lexington militia to the Common on April 19, 1775.   Each of the letters in the DRUM acronym stands for a pro-social value that we are seeking to promote:

Diamond DRUM logo

DRUM logo created by BuQuet Glynn of Lexington Graphics

Diverse: We want our students to develop the habit of recognizing, respecting, and celebrating the diversity of our student body and the world beyond.

Responsible: We want to encourage our students to work hard, use their time effectively, complete their work, and honor the rights of others to work and learn in an environment that is safe and free from distractions.

United:  We want our students to celebrate what can be accomplished when we collaborate, share a common set of values, follow the same rules, and support one another.

Mindful: We want our students to mindful of their own well-being and progress, but also aware of how their actions impact others in our community.

Once a week we read the names of students (nominated by faculty and fellow students) who exhibit the qualities of being a Diamond DRUMmer.  These “DRUMmer Shoutouts” typically recognize students who have been particularly helpful, kind, industrious, and/or community-minded.

Please click on the videos below to hear the DRUM Song that we sing at the first pep rally of the year (written by Assistant Principal Mr. Klimasmith).

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