Help me understand the 8th-grade elective choices!

The only part of the course selection process that requires action from students and parents is making elective decisions.  Here are your choices:

  • Choice #1: Chorus, Band, or Orchestra?
  • Choice #1a: If you don’t take Chorus, Band, or Orchestra then… must enroll in Drama 8 and Art 8:
  • Choice #2: Then, you need to pick two more elective credits from either one 2 credit class (e.g., Treble Choir) or a combination of two 1 credit classes (e.g., Art of Asia & Economics 8).
Treble Choir 2 credits for students that have developing soprano or alto voices
Cambiata Choir 2 credits for students that have developing tenor or bass
Art of Asia 1 credit Explain my art choices!
Digital Art & Design 1 credit
Art 8 1 credit
Intro. to Illustration 1 credit
Economics 8 1 credit What is this?
Students as Composers 1 credit What is this?

*Please note, if your child requires support services or one of our intervention programs (Mega Math or Guided Learning), electives and related offerings will be reduced accordingly.  They should still select elective choices.