Scholarship Information for LHS Seniors and Parents

It is not too early for LHS seniors to start looking and applying for scholarships.  Scholarship information for national, regional, local, and some college specific colleges are in Naviance.  Some college specific scholarships require you to be nominated by your School Counselor. Those more selective limit the number of students who can be nominated from their high school. These scholarships are listed separately and can be found by selecting “Nomination Required – Counselor” in the browse by category tab in Naviance. Please note that the deadline to notify your School Counselor that you would like to be nominated is earlier than the college nomination deadline.  If selected your School Counselor will inform you and direct you to next steps. Lexington is also fortunate to have a local scholarship program.  Every year, organizations or individuals provide from one to twenty plus scholarships to Lexington’s senior students.  These include awards that are based on financial need as well as ones that are based on specific qualifications such as leadership, merit, or service to the community.

Scholarship offerings are located in Naviance

Current students can sign into their accounts and click the “Scholarships” tab.  Parents and/or guests can log in and click “I’m a Guest”. The password is lhscounseling- click on the “Colleges” tab, go to “Scholarship List”.

Please note that we update and add scholarships to the Naviance database on a continual basis. Most local scholarship information is added in the January / February timeframe.  It is also very important that seniors attend homeroom throughout the winter and spring to receive scholarship information.  Most local scholarships are due in April and the awards are made in late May.  Reminder:  the IRS 1040 is required for some financial need scholarships.  Families should plan tax work to meet this deadline.

Financial Aid Information & Additional Scholarship Information – MEFA

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