Science Department

Program Leader
Jacalyn Crowe, Ph.D.
781-861-2320 x69304
The Science Building
Room 304
Patricia Lyons
The Science Department offers a comprehensive program designed to satisfy a variety of student interests and needs. All Freshmen are required to take Environmental Earth Science. Sophomores study Biology. Juniors study Chemistry and Seniors either Physics, Robotics or Astronomy. Science courses are offered at varying levels of study as described in the LHS Course Catalog. Special interest courses are not leveled. Students are urged to discuss course selection with staff members if they are not sure of appropriate placement. In those instances where a final exam is indicated, please note that this exam will count 10% of the year’s grade. Students should observe any listed pre or co-requisites. Deviation from the stated pre- or co-requisite for any course requires the approval of the Science Department Head.