Community Service

Each student at Lexington High School is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service during their high school career (transfer students must perform 10 hours per year of attendance at LHS) in order to graduate.  Students may begin accruing hours beginning the summer prior to ninth grade. The yearly community service requirement may be satisfied by participation in either a single activity or a combination of approved activities.
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Definition of Community Service

Community Service is defined as an act or activity performed by an individual without compensation or academic credit, whose time and effort will benefit/aid a person or group of people and is without direct religious or political involvement. A community service activity must conform to the following:

  • Is performed without compensation to the student. Examples: Court-ordered community service, paid work and work receiving academic credit will not be accepted.
  • Is not associated with the practice, promotion or ceremonies of any religion. A non-religious activity performed through a religious community but which does not benefit the religious community directly, will be considered.
  • Results in a service to at least one person other than the student or the student’s relative and is generally of benefit to the “community.”
  • Is separate from a service activity for which the student is already receiving school or organizational credit.
  • Is not performed during scheduled class time.
  • Political campaigning or work benefiting political organizations or causes directly cannot be accepted.
  • Is performed for a non-profit organization.

Process for Earning Community Service Credit

To earn credit for community service:

  • The service must meet the prior definition.
  • If you have a question about whether the activity meets the above definition of community service, it should be performed for an approved service organization, or be approved by the Community Service Secretary.
  • For a list of Pre-Approved community service vendors:  Click Here
  • The service must be verifiable from information provided on the community service form completed by the service supervisor.
  • For service during scheduled study halls, prior approval by the student’s guidance counselor is required.

Community service hours will be uploaded to Aspen after each marking period.

Get Started

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Community Service Deadlines

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