Graduation Requirements

  1. Students must earn 104 total credits and fulfill minimum course distribution requirements. Students should check the Program of Studies regarding the number of credits being earned in each course. In addition, students must perform 40 hours of approved community service. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains that students must either earn a scaled score of at least 240 on the grade 10 MCAS ELA and Mathematics tests, or earn a scaled score between 220 and 238 on these tests and fulfill the requirements of an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP).

    Students must also earn a scaled score of at least 220 on one of the high school MCAS Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) tests: Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, or Technology/ Engineering.

  2. Required courses

    Students will study English, math, science, and social studies during each of the four years.

    • Grade Nine students must take:
      • Earth Science; World History I; Adolescent Health Issues I; and Literature and Composition I; Mathematics
    • Sophomore students must take
      • Biology; World History II and Literature and Composition II; Mathematics
    • Junior students must take
      • Chemistry; Adolescent Health Issues II; American Literature and U.S. History; Mathematics
  3. Course Distribution RequirementsBy graduation time, a student should have accumulated the following number of credits in each department as indicated:
    English 16 credits
    Fine & Performing Arts 8 credits
    Foreign Languages 8 credits
    Mathematics 16 credits
    Physical Education 6 credits
    & Wellness 2 credits
    Science 18 credits
    Social Sciences 16 credits
  4. Summer school credit: All summer school credits must be approved in advance by the Department Head and the Associate Principal. Forms are available for this. Summer school courses may appear on the student’s LHS transcript but may not replace existing LHS course offerings.
  5. Independent studies must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. Students may not use independent study in place of regular departmental course offerings.
    2. All independent studies are Pass-Fail.
    3. Independent studies are generally 1 semester-2 credits (potentially three credits in science). In special cases, year-long (4 credit) and quarter (1 credit) independent studies will be considered. Department Head approval is required.
    4. Participants in any independent study program must generate and sign a contract, to be kept on file in the Department Head’s office, that, among other things, specifies location of, frequency of, and length of formal meetings.
    5. Certain structured learning activities that are designated as part of the High School’s educational program and that partially fulfill the Massachusetts Department of Education regulations for time and learning are subject to independent study guidelines.
  6. Freshmen are required to carry 28 credits, sophomores 27, juniors 27, and seniors 26, regardless of their credit status. It is recommended that freshmen not exceed 30 credits of course work given the academic demands of the High School. Credit will not be given when a course is repeated.
  7. All study halls at Lexington High School are directed studies. Students are expected to do academic work under the supervision of a teacher.
  8. Students may qualify for graduation in less than four full years if they have fully satisfied graduation requirements and have submitted a note from a parent to the Principal authorizing early completion. Students leaving in January must complete a checkout form before leaving certifying that all obligations have been met.
  9. The following guidelines apply for all course changes defined as drops and/or level changes:
    W Grades
    • Within the first 15 school days, a student will be allowed to drop a course without a W appearing on his/her transcript.
    • After the first 15 school days, if a student drops a course, a grade of W will appear on his/her transcript.

    WI Grades
    After the first 30 school days of the first quarter for a semester course or after the first 15 school days of the second quarter for a full-year course, if a student drops a course then a grade of WI will appear on the transcript indicating that the student has withdrawn from the course without completing the requirements of the course. If there are circumstances that might warrant a waiver of this policy, a student should contact his/her Dean prior to dropping the course.