The Peer Mentors Program is a program at Lexington High School that helps incoming 9th graders with their transition to high school.  Peer Mentors assist 8th graders in the spring when they come to Lexington High School for a visit.  Additionally, they reach out to the students by phone or email over the summer to answer any questions.  Peer Mentors help incoming 9th graders out on the first day of school showing them around the building and serving as resources should any questions or concerns arise.  During the first quarter, two or three peer mentors will be assigned a freshmen homeroom, and they will visit that homeroom once a week during the homeroom block.  In some instances, peer mentors are assigned additional times to meet with specific 9th graders depending on the individual students needs. (example-lunch buddies, 1 on 1 or as part of a group, additional tour times to help 9th graders feel comfortable,  outreach calls or assistance in connecting with peers)

Peer Leaders are also part of the Peer Mentoring Program.  In addition to their responsibilities working with 9th graders, this group of students often plan activities that help kids to connect to the larger school community.  Peer Leaders host several activities throughout the year that help students come together and have fun.  Most of the activities happen in the evening.   Pizza Parties, pumpkin decorating, game nights, bowling adventures are among the activities that have been offered each year. Peer Leaders also work with kids to insure that they have buddies with which to have lunch and help foster connections.