Visual Art Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact K-12 Visual Arts Coordinator Alethea Roy:

What are the Visual Arts graduation requirements?

The Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement is 8 credits (4 courses, 2 credits each). This means that your child may take a blend of courses, such as Art, Music and Drama, or decide to focus only on one particular discipline. For example, if your child enjoys Art, they could take one art class each year, which would satisfy the 8 credit requirement.


Which art class should my child take first?

The Foundations of Fine Art course is a prerequisite for all other art courses, and must be taken first.

Foundations of Digital Art is also offered. This is a computer-based course that takes place in one of the labs on campus. Either Foundations courses can be taken to advance to the upper arts courses


Is there homework in Foundations of Fine Art? How about other classes?

There are sketchbook assignments in Foundations of Fine Art. Each assignment is assigned roughly 2 weeks apart, and should take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Other classes, such as Drawing and Drawing 2 include sketchbook assignments, and there may be times when outside assignments are assigned throughout the semester in other classes as well.


What types of technology-based arts classes do you offer?

Currently we offer Computer Animation, Digital Photography, Digital Video Production and Graphic Design.


What if my child can’t get into an art class first semester? Are there other opportunities for them to participate in art?

We have Art Club, Pottery club, Film Club and Illustration club at the high school, which all students interested in Art are welcome to participate in. These clubs meet after school once per week and are advised by Fine Arts faculty members.