K-12 Director of Visual Arts
Lexington High School
251 Waltham Street
Lexington, MA 02421
(781) 861-2320 ext 69251
Debra Hankins
Administrative Assistant
(781) 861-2320 ext 69250

The Arts provide a means for artists to communicate more completely and to better understand themselves and the world around them through their visual and universal expression. Students in Lexington Public Schools experience the Arts through a comprehensive, sequential, longitudinal curriculum taught by arts specialists. The core concepts of the curriculum include creating and responding to art, critical and reflective thinking, and understanding the historical and cultural contexts of the arts. Students are challenged to be creative while developing skills in observation, interpretation, and evaluation.

Deemed a core subject area in Massachusetts Common Core of Learning and ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), Visual Art provides students with essential 21st Century Skills- Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Cultural Competency. The Lexington Public Schools Visual Arts program continues to teach traditional, hands-on media while integrating current technology in the art room. Each student develops visual literacy and critical thinking skills in the art room to help them to navigate our increasingly visual- and technology-based culture.

The K-12 Visual Art Curriculum is responsive to the Massachusetts Visual Art Curriculum Frameworks, The National Core Art Standards, and LPS and community goals, initiatives, and culture. All educators in the LPS Visual Art Department are committed to providing the highest quality arts education to the students.