Lexington’s Educator Induction program is a three-year sequence of mentoring and coursework for all educators new to the district.  The program is designed to develop and retain effective educators who are student-centered and who will thrive in a culture of continuous improvement. The program strives to

  • Provide educators new to the district with information on procedures, content and pedagogy that are critical to success.
  • Help educators new to the district become acculturated to Town of Lexington and the Lexington Public Schools
  • Build professional relationships between veteran educators and educators new to the district
  • Convey the district’s mission, vision and core values including, but not limited to:

o   employing educational strategies that promote a growth mindset;

o   providing culturally proficient experiences to our students;

o   using data to inform practice, and;

o   understanding that being an educator is a continuous process of learning, experimenting and refining practice.

The three year sequence includes one-on-one mentoring, small group mentoring, informational seminars and graduate coursework that is relevant to the educator’s practice.  In the first year, all educators new to the district are assigned to a mentor.  Whenever possible, we match mentors within buildings and content area.  In addition, all first year educators participate in a group mentoring/seminar program called Better Beginnings.

Depending on a new hire’s level of experience, in their second year and third years of employment educators may have additional mentoring.  Educators are also expected to participate in the district’s professional learning program (at no cost).

For a summary of the Educator Induction Program, please see the presentation that is shared with all new hires during their orientation program.  For details of the Educator Induction program, please see the New Educator Induction Handbook.

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