SMART Board 600 Series: Tips & Tricks

  • This is a board that uses pressure to determine where you are touching. It is also a single-touch board. It can only do one touch at a time.
  • Don’t rest your wrist on the board while writing on it, it will pick up that touch and not get the pen (see point above)
  • The four pens are really dummy pens. They don’t do anything explicitly, and the color sensor is based on the last pen/eraser picked up (i.e., if you pick up the red pen, and then pick up the eraser, and while holding both you try to use the pen, it will think you are using the eraser)
  • When calibrating, don’t try to jab the center of the crosshairs each time. The board is measuring where you release, not where you first touch, so a quick jab can easily miss. You’re best bet is touching somewhere else on the board and dragging your finger to the middle of the crosshairs and then releasing.

SMART Board 800 Series: Tips & Tricks

  • This board uses cameras to determine where you are touching (take a look at the four corners of the board and you’ll see the cameras). This is also a multi-touch board, so multiple people/fingers can use the board at once.
  • Be careful of any dangling jewelry/clothing. The cameras can pick them up and you’ll get stray marks.
  • Two people can use the board at once, but one needs to use a pen and the other a finger. The cameras sense things based on the diameter of the object touching the board.
    The board will default to sensing your palm (or the heel of your hand) as an eraser. This allows you to erase things just by wiping your hand on the board (but no marker residue!!!)

SMART LightRaise Projector 40wi: Tips & Tricks

  • This is the only SMART system that is NOT touch capable. Everything is controlled using the pen.
  • The pen does not need to be touching the board in order to interact. There is a mouse button on the side that does the same thing as the tip of the pen.
  • Try holding the pen like a marker you use to write on the board, but keep your thumb on the button. That way you can always access it.
  • You can be quite a ways away from the board and still interact with it. However, this takes practice!
  • If you find that actually writing in the software is challenging with the pen, try moving the pen just a little bit off the board and holding down the button as you write.

SMART LightRaise Projector 60wi: Tips & Tricks

  • This is a touch capable projector system. Like the SMART 800 series, it uses cameras (housed in the semi-circle attached to the wall), and can pick up multiple touches.
  • The cameras on the 60wi are VERY sensitive and will pick up not only loose clothing/jewelry, but also even your other fingers as you are writing and manipulating it. Therefore, writing with the pen is recommended.
  • When you are using the SMART Notebook software, it can sense two users, but one needs to use the pen and the other a finger (like the 800 series, it is based on the diameter of the object)
  • While in the SMART Notebook software, you can use the pen to click on a pen tool, and your finger to click on the eraser. Then as you are writing, you can use your finger to “wipe away” any mistakes (with no marker residue!!!)