Fiske School supports and prepares diverse students to be life-long learners and successful members of a global society.

Our Vision

Fiske School is a welcoming, inclusive learning community.  We foster an environment where all children and adults make contributions and are valued as individuals.  We educate the whole child by developing character and providing academic rigor through our school expectations of respect, responsibility and best effort.

We Believe…

  • all students should be actively engaged in learning and that instruction should be differentiated to the greatest extent possible for all.
  • that in order to build a respectful environment for teaching and learning, we should know all students as learners, both academically and socially.
  • there should be consistent and common language across grade levels and schools with clear and concise learning expectations for all students.
  • students should be helped to take responsibility for their own learning and that there should be a gradual release of responsibility with their learning.
  • all staff should be enthusiastic about teaching and that they must be collaborative in regards to planning.
  • there should be connections made to various content areas through multi modal instruction that addresses varied learning styles.
  • mini-lessons should be short, powerful, focused and that objectives should be clearly stated to all students.
  • all students need to have prior knowledge activated during instruction and that when needed, wait time is essential for those that need it.
  • varied forms and types of frequent assessment (screening, formative, summative, interim) are necessary to find out what students have learned and that closure to lessons is important to reinforce objectives.