Fiske has a number of traditions that take place during the school each year.  These traditions are ones that have become part of the school culture and contribute to students at Fiske being connected to the school.

Slipper Day – Is a day to snuggle up with a good book!  Slipper Day takes place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break.  Many of the students and staff members bring their slippers to school and wear them all morning long while they participate in all kinds of reading activities.

All School Meeting – Is a time for the entire Fiske School Community to come together to showcase grade specific activities.  All School Meeting takes place every other week.  During the meetings different grade levels will share a short performance for the school community.  It is a time for administration and other staff members to share information with the entire student body.  Students look forward to seeing what is happening with other grade levels and the meeting allows them the opportunity to come together and share in that whole community feel.  Each meeting begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and ends with a song.  All School Meeting is also a time to recognize students for their accomplishments and to participate in community outreach projects.  All School Meeting is open to family members and is often the highlight of the week for many!

Learning Buddies – Who doesn’t want a buddy?  Every other week Fiske students have the opportunity to spend time with a learning buddy.  Each school year an upper grade (3-5) and a lower grade (K-2) pair up with one other and each student in the class is given a “buddy” for the school year.  During Learning Buddies time the students engage in many activities and enjoy each others company.  Some of the activities might include: Sharing stories they have written, playing math games, reading stories to each other, helping to master a skill, etc.  The students really look forward to Learning Buddies and enjoy having either an older or younger friend in the school, on the bus or out on the playground.

Theme Days – The Fiske Community participates in theme days once a month.  Each month a different grade level chooses a theme and many students and staff participate by wearing “something” that represents the theme of the month.  Past theme day ideas have been: Pajama Day, Red, White and Blue Day, Favorite Hat Day, Favorite Color Day, Favorite Sports Team, Fancy Dress Up and Twin Day.