Big Backyard

The beautiful landscape and surroundings of Estabrook School is home to our Big Backyard program, a series of nature walks on the Estabrook property and adjacent conservation lands. These walks enhance the existing science and social studies curriculum in each grade and emphasize observation, asking questions, problem solving, and respect for the environment. They have been enjoyed by a multitude of students for many years!

Big Backyard walks take place during the school day. This program depends on parent volunteers, who are trained for each grade level. No previous experience is necessary, and first time parents are always welcome. Big Backyard is a wonderful way for parents to support the classroom teachers and also interact with students.

Click here for the complete 2018-2019 Big Backyard Schedule.

If you would like to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact:

Sara Bothwell
Katie Guilfoyle

Please note: All parent volunteers must have a valid CORI form to participate in Big Backyward and other activities involving students.