Estabrook School is one of six elementary schools located in historic Lexington, Massachusetts.  We are home to more than 580 students in kindergarten through grade 5. Our students come from around the globe and speak more than a dozen different languages.  Our school has a reputation for strong parental support and having a welcoming, inclusive environment. Our students are Estabees, and are committed to be safe, responsible, respectful and kind while working hard and doing their best every day.


Estabrook School inspires curiosity, fosters perseverance and instills a love of lifelong learning and academic achievement, while cultivating social-emotional development. We embrace individuality
 while fostering a collaborative approach
 geared toward developing the whole child
 in a safe and nurturing learning environment. 
We work to help students realize and reach
their full potential.


Striving to be a global community where curiosity, collaboration and individuality thrive.

The last day of school is Tuesday, June 18, 2019 – this is a 1/2 day for all students.

Happy Summer!

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