Become a Library Volunteer

The School Library is a wonderful, vibrant place to volunteer your time this school year! Parent volunteers are vital to the smooth running of the library. Volunteers may be asked to check books in and out to students, shelve and/or do other projects as needed. We try to have volunteers scheduled throughout each day.

Library volunteers usually work a one to two hour shift every week or every other week. When the schedule is set, we will provide you with a calendar highlighting your weeks for reference throughout the year. We provide  training sessions for new volunteers and for any seasoned volunteers seeking to “brush up” on their skills.

As a volunteer, you have the privilege of borrowing books.

The duties of the volunteers can include:

  • Checking books in and out to students and staff
  • Shelving books
  • Cleaning and organizing – straightening shelves, returning stray books and other materials to the proper location, dusting shelves
  • Shelf-reading – this means reading across shelves one book at a time to make sure all books are in the proper place. This is a tedious task, but absolutely vital to the library. When something is out of place, it is as good as lost! Careful shelf-reading is one of the most important jobs you will do in the library.
  • Gathering books for teachers
  • Preparing class materials
  • Creating library displays

Volunteering in the School Library is an ongoing commitment throughout the school year. It is a tremendously rewarding experience to know you are an integral part of what makes our school so terrific! Thank you so much for helping support our School Library and the love of reading.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Library Volunteer Coordinator, Jodi Kelly at