Your child’s safety is of utmost concern. We ask for your patience and cooperation in creating a safer environment at Bridge School during Drop-off and Pick-up and to ensure that traffic moves through the school circle as quickly and safely as possible. It is imperative that all drivers follow the traffic rules.


Please remember that there is visitor parking in the front of the building. There is no visitor parking in the rear or side of the building. If you are picking up a walker, please park in the designated visitor parking spots. It is too dangerous to have cars in motion in the rear of the building during dismissal.


  • Visitor Parking
    Designated parking spaces in Front and Side Parking Lots
  • Staff Parking-Parking by permit only 6:00am-4:00pm
    • Designated in Side and Back Parking Lots
    • Staff will visually display parking tags in front windows

Front Circle Procedures

Bus Drop Off 8:00-8:45am

  • Bus drop off in right lane, within fenced area
  • Students exit bus, walk along Front Sidewalk to the playground
  • During inclement weather, students exit bus, enter the school through the Fifth Grade Door 17 and Front Door 1

Bus Pick Up 3:15-3:30pm

  • See dismissal procedures explained below

Restrictions within the Front Circle

8:00am-8:30am (M-F), 3:00pm-3:30pm (M, T, W, F), 12-12:30pm (Th)

  • No parking within the Front Circle Lot
  • Left lane for emergency vehicle access and passing cars
  • Visitor access to Front Parking Spaces allowed in left lane only
  • Visitors that park must walk children to the Front Sidewalk


  • Visitor parking permitted in designated spots along circle

Live Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures-Side and Back Parking Lots

8:15 am – 8:30 am

  • Cars enter the Bridge School Side Lot, follow arrows/signage to the designated drop off area in Back Parking Lot
  • Students exit the right side of the car, proceed down sidewalk to playground
  • During inclement weather, students exit car on right side, enter the building through the Back Door 6 and Fourth Grade Door 9, proceed to cafeteria

8:30 am – 8:45 am

  • Students exit car on right side, enter building through the Back Door 6 and Fourth Grade Door 9, proceed to class

After 8:45am

  • Students must be dropped off in Front Circle Lot, within the right side of the fence, proceed into the building through the Front Door 1, sign in, and proceed to class

3:00 pm

  • Side Parking Lot will be opened after 3:00pm
  • No idling will be allowed on Middleby Rd.  (Police will enforce new signage)
  • When queue for Live Pick Ups is full, cars will not be permitted into the Bridge Side Lot until space is available

3:15 – Bridge School Dismissal Begins

  • Car Pick Ups
    • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to the cafeteria
    • All cars must have a designated Bridge School placard in the front, passenger visor, facing out.  Last names must be written in BOLD, BLACK LETTERING
    • Placards are included in summer mailing packet and can also be picked up at the main office.
    • Staff will radio into the cafeteria to dismiss children as cars arrive.  Students will exit through the Back Door 6 and proceed to their cars in queue
    • Parents/Guardians will be asked to loop around if child(ren) are not ready for pick up when called
  • Bus Dismissal
    • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to the gym
    • When buses arrive, staff will dismiss students from the gym
    • Students will exit the building, escorted by staff, through the Fifth Grade Door 17 to waiting busses
  • Walkers
    • Students meeting parents/guardians on the playground, or walking or riding their bike home from school, will be dismissed from their classroom to Kindergarten Door 2

DRIVERS: You are role models to our children. Please demonstrate courtesy to fellow drivers and to Bridge staff at the pick-up line.


For those picking up students, (whether they are walkers or car pick-ups)here are some of the rules that the staff members are trying to enforce with the students.

    1. No playing in the snow or on the ice. (While the kids may be dressed adequately for this, with moving cars, and so many people, due to safety, it is not permitted during dismissal.)
    2. NO ONE should exit the vehicle in the live pick up lane. Staff members are there to help students enter the cars.
    3. Playground coverage begins at 8:15 am and ends at 8:30 am. The climbing web is closed before school.
    4. There is no afternoon playground coverage. Caregivers are responsible for after dismissal play.