Bridge ABCs

Playground Rules


  • Grades 1 – 5 only
  • Keep one hand on the web at all times
  • Only walking across the ropes
  • Feet on the ropes/bars at all times; body upright
  • Exit by climbing down safely


  • Sitting only
  • Exit swing by stopping and walking off
  • Only swing front to back
  • Give safe pushes from in front or behind peers (not underneath)

Structure: (K, 1, 2 only from 8:15 – 8:30)

  • Tag is played OFF of structure
  • One person at a time on ladders
  • Slides: sitting down, facing forward, traveling down only
  • Trolly: glide across, only use to travel
  • Tire Swing: Feet and legs inside tire
  • Monkey Bars: hanging with hands and feet down
  • Web and structure may be closed when too wet/slippery


  • Football, soccer, wiffleball, Frisbee games should be played on the grass
  • “Catch” may be played on hardtop when played safely
  • Wally Ball is played with large rubber playground balls only

*teachers call parents from classroom if dry clothes are needed

  • Snow is used for building only
  • Walk around ice patches and puddles
  • Warmer day wear is at discretion of adults on playground
  • SNOW PLAY: need – snow boots, snow pants, gloves/mittens, jacket
  • Bring all necessary toys/gear with you outside; re-entry is for bathroom and emergencies only


  • Sticks, rocks, etc. stay on the ground
  • Woods and trees are off limits
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Chalk to be used on hardtop only
  • Hill is used with adult permission

The playground staff and teachers are responsible for implementing these rules. If a student is not following the rules, they should be redirected to another activity or told to sit on the bench. We are all working together to be consistent in ensuring safety at recess.

Staff Notes:
  • Use Health Pass when sending kids to the nurse. When sending kids in from the playground, use the walkie to notify the nurse who is coming and the reason.
  • Use Playground Checklist to document unkempt playground areas
  • Use Playground Record Log to record any incidents on the playground, and give to the Assistant Principal.