Emergency Preparedness

Fiske Elementary School has a crisis team which consists of the principal, assistant principal, administrative assistant, guidance counselor, nurse and head custodian.

Throughout the school year, that group periodically meets to review procedures within the district and school. Additionally, during the school year, students may be involved in emergency practice drills for fire, lock down, and school evacuation.  Prior to drills, teachers are always prepared through in school professional development and training.  Students also receive preparation from classroom teachers as well.

Fire Drills

Fiske School holds periodic fire drills, coordinated with the Lexington Fire Department.  The drills are held throughout the year and generally, are unannounced to both students and staff.

All students are encouraged to leave the building quickly, quietly, and in an orderly manner so that teachers can provide them with instructions on what to do if there really was a fire.  Students are always instructed to leave clothing, and personal belongings behind in classrooms, because we do not want children going back for items as it could potentially result in their getting injured.

Once outside, teachers take attendance and when instructed, students return to their classrooms.  As with all emergency drills, we encourage students to take them seriously and use them as an opportunity to practice in the event that there would be an actual emergency.

Should you have more questions about fire drills, please contact the building administrators with your questions.

Emergency Closings

In the event of an emergency closing (loss of power, weather event, etc.), electronic, phone, and text messaging will be used to contact parents regarding the closing of school. Our messaging service sends communications to all numbers which have been provided to the school.  Should you change your telephone number, be sure to let the school office know so that we can keep all numbers up to date.

Students must be signed out by either a parent or someone listed on the student’s emergency contact form.

In the event that students are evacuated from the Fiske site, our evacuation site is Diamond Middle School.  Again, students will remain with their classroom teacher and a reunification center will be established where students are released to parents or designated person.