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Welcome to Our School Library! 

Bridge School Library serves 550 students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. It is home to thousands of books, educational videos, periodicals, and reference materials. The library computers provide students access to the online library catalog, encyclopedias, periodical databases, and age-appropriate web sites.
The goals of the Bridge School Library are to foster the love of reading, teach information literacy skills, enhance classroom curriculum instruction, and provide a wide range of quality children’s literature.
Visit the Library Policies page for more information about how the library operates. 
Lynnette Allen, Librarian
Twitter @lallentl
781 861-2510 x61115


Bridge school families have access to Storyweaver. It is a digital collection of illustrated stories for children. The stories can be translated into a wide range of languages, and can be accessed on any device with an Interent connection. Please check it out!

Our Book Fair will be the week of March 11th.