Dear Students,


All 3rd Quarter Attendance Appeals forms are due by Monday, April 8 by 3:30 PM to your Dean’s Office. 


Forms will be available in your Dean’s Office beginning March 27  and can also be PRINTED HERE or from the “Announcements” on the LHS website. These appeals are for students who have an “N” (5 or more absences) in a class and the absences are a combination of excused and unexcused absences or all unexcused absences.  You may NOT appeal your first “N” in a yearlong course unless you are a senior and this quarter’s grades are part of your application process to colleges, which you should address in your statement on the appeals form and provide documentation of the grades request, as it is not typical for 3rd Quarter grades to be sent to colleges.  


If you have a “N” and all absences are excused, you do not need to do anything further, as it will be waived.  If further documentation is needed, your Dean will reach out to you.  You do not need to appeal study halls or iblock.  


Student attendance verification sheets were previously posted in Aspen on March 4 and an updated report will be published on Friday, April 5. Please make sure you are looking at a current attendance summary.  It can also be run at anytime on Aspen using the following directions:

  • Select the My Info top tab, then select the attendance side tab
  • Go to Reports
  • Select Attendance Summary (Portal) (LHS Only). Select the grade term by clicking on the magnifying glass next to Term
  • Click Run


Deans will be reviewing appeals and may reach out to students via accounts to make an appointment to discuss during the week of April 8.  


All Appeals decisions will be emailed to students by Thursday, April 11.  If you have any questions about your attendance or the appeals process, please see your Dean.


Thank you,

The Deans


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