Internet Safety and Security

This year we are teaching Internet Safety through curriculum modules for grades 2-5. Stemming from the realization and understanding that even some of our youngest students are using the Internet by themselves, we know it is necessary to arm them with good skills.

Lessons in grades 2-5 are conducted largely in the library with Brenda Rich our library/media specialist, using a combination of short video clips, written scenarios, small group and class discussion.  Topics include ways to explore the “on-line neighborhood”, what is private information that should not be shared on-line, and what to do if something makes you uncomfortable, as well as others.  In all lessons, emphasis is placed on the need for children to check with their parents or guardians before venturing on-line or giving any personal information on-line.

Additionally, we focus on peer connections and communication, teaching children how to use language online that is appropriate and respectful. As part of the anti-bullying initiative, we talk about cyber bullying, and what to do if students feel they have been the target of such behavior. These classes are co-facilitated by our guidance counselor Celeste Freeman.

We will be sending home some general information and tip sheets for parents.

Additional information can be found at the website Common Sense, a very valuable resource for parents.