Literature With A Mathematics Connection for Primary Grade Readers


 Number Patterns and Counting:

  • 12 Ways to Get to 11 by Eve Merriam
  • Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti
  • Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang
  • One Hundred Ways to Get to 100 by Jerry Pallotta
  • Six Foolish Fishermen by Daniel San Souci
  • What’s a Pair? What’s a Dozen? by Stephen R. Swinburne
  • Can You Count Ten Toes?: Count to 10 in 10 Different Languages by Lezlie Evans

Number Stories and Operations:

  • Math-terpieces by Greg Tang
  • Ten Friends by Bruce Goldstone
  • Out for the Count by Kathryn Cave
  • Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst
  • 1001 Animals to Spot by Ruth Brocklehurst
  • Bats on Parade by Kathi Appelt
  • Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream by Cindy Neuschwander
  • If You Hopped Like a Frog by David M. Schwartz
  • Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar by Masaichiro Anno
  • The Best of Times by Greg Tang
  • The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins
  • The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang
  • One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes
  • A Remainder of One by Elinor J. Pinczes

Place Value:

  • Anno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno
  • Can You Count to a Googol? by Robert E. Wells
  • Count to a Million by Jerry Pallotta
  • A Place for Zero by Angeline Sparagna LoPresti
  • All the King’s Tens by Cindy Neuschwander


  • Betcha! by Stuart J. Murphy
  • How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall is 1,000? by Helen Nolan


  • Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta
  • Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy
  • Fraction Fun by David Adler
  • Eating Fractions by Bruce McMillan
  • How Many Snails? by Paul Giganti Jr.
  • Pizza Pizzazz! by Carol A. Losi

Data and Chance:

  • Bart’s Amazing Charts by Diana Ochiltree
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett
  • Probably Pistachio by Stuart J. Murphy


  • A Cloak for the Dreamer by Arlene Friedman
  • Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres by Tana Hoban
  • Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert
  • The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns
  • Sir Cumference and the First Round Table  by Cindy Neuschwander
  • Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland by Cindy Neuschwander
  • Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter by Cindy Neuschwander


  • How Big Is a Foot? by Rolf Myller
  • Inch by Inch by Leo Lioni
  • Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy

Time and Money:

  • All in One Hour by Susan S. Crummel
  • The Coin Counting Book by Rozanne L. Williams
  • Deena’s Lucky Penny by Barbara deRubertis
  • Follow the Money by Loreen Leedy