History of Bowman

History of Our School

Bowman Elementary School is named for the Nathaniel Bowman family.  Nathaniel Bowman came to America in 1630 and built a home in what is now Lexington in 1649.  The Bowman family were active in all aspects of life in Lexington.  On April 19, 1775 Ebenezer Bowman was a part of the group of Minutemen who met the British on the town green.  Thaddeus Bowman was probably the scout who brought the first news to the common that the British were coming.  Frances Bowman was with Captain Parker’s company.
Bowmans were dedicated to education.  Reverend Jonathan Bowman was the second young man from Lexington to graduate from Harvard.  He was the teacher at the Lexington school.
Nathaniel Bowman’s house was one of the oldest houses in Lexington for many years.  It burned down in 1901 due to a bonfire in the backyard that spread.  Many members of the Bowman family served the town.
The last of the Bowman family was Sarah Bowman Van Ness.  She died in 1933.

About Our School 

Bowman Elementary School is one of six public elementary schools in Lexington.  Our school is the academic home to over 500 students and over 80 teachers and staff.  Bowman Elementary School students come from Lexington and Boston; one-third of Bowman students speak a language other than English at home and represent many countries of the world.