Here is a list of mathematics websites where you can practice math at home.  

  • Everyday Mathmetics
  • Xtra Math
    This site is similar to Fasttmath used in school. Once an account is created, your child can practice basic facts.
  • Math Fact Cafe
    This site offers free printable math worksheets for school and home use.
  • Math Playground
    This site contains many useful features for grades 3-5.  Math videos, multiplication and division games, word problems and games are available.
  • IXL
    This is a basic site, where topics are listed by grade and standard.  Practice problems are available.
  • Mr. Nussbaum
    This is a high quality and creative mathematics website.
  • Songs for Teaching
    This site offers endless songs for all curriculum areas, including math.
  • Illuminations
    This site is written by NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Activities can be found for all grades levels, and are excellent for home or school use.
  • McGraw-Hill
    McGraw-Hill, the publisher of Everyday Math, offers apps for many of the games we play at school.
    This site offers games and resources for teaching and learning multiplication facts.
  • Greg Tang Math
    This site offers fantastic activities to promote problem solving.  It is also an opportunity to explore his wonderful books about math.
  • Primary Games
    This site offers math games and activities to students K-2.
  • PBS Parents
    This is a site that helps nurture development of your child’s early math skills.
  • ABCya
    This site offers math games and activities for students K-5.
  • Mathopolis
    This site has skill practice and games for grades 2-5.
  • Bedtime Math
    This program emails a daily math problem with 3 levels of questions: wee ones, little ones, and big ones.  The questions all refer to the same story and get progressively more challenging.
  • Fun Brain
    This provides computation practice.
  • APlus Math
    Students can use this site for more computation practice.