Reading during the summer months should be included in all  “Summer Fun”.  Children need summer opportunities with books in order to retain the skills acquired during the school year.  The suggestions below will help improve your child’s reading during the summer and beyond:

  1. Six Books for Summer Success:  Based on research, just reading four to six books during the summer months will keep struggling readers from regressing.  When choosing books for and with your child be sure that they are just right for your child, that is, not too hard, not too easy.  Be sure to take advantage of Lexington’s Cary Memorial Library  Summer Reading Program.
  2. Read Something Everyday:  Take advantage of every opportunity to read to and with your child.  When reading the newspaper, introduce the comics and parts of the paper that you select to your child.   Share magazines, guides, and other printed materials with your child.  Make time at the end of each day for your child to read to you.  Encourage your child to reread a section of a book to you. This will help your child’s fluency and expression.
  1.  Keep Reading Aloud:  Reading aloud to children highly influences children’ s progress  and attitudes towards reading.  Choose books that are of grade level and higher to help your child build vocabulary and increase listening comprehension.
  • Read Aloud Resource: Mem Fox Reading Magic
  • Why Reading Aloud to our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever

Additional Web Resources for Summer Literacy: