• SMART Notebook is the software that is used with SMART Boards and SMART Interactive Projectors.
  • Notebook 11 is the latest version available.
  • SMART Notebook software can work with or without SMART Boards and Projectors. Use Notebook software and the host of tools it offers for interaction with the content displayed on your board.
  • SMART Notebook offers you the ability to organize your lessons, incorporate lesson resources for remediation, extension and ‘teachable moment’ understanding. It provides a host of graphics and educational supports, interactive tools and gadgets, activity modules and so much more.
  • SMART Ink allows you to Ink over any window that is open on your computer while you are plugged into a SMART Board system.

SMART Ink directions
SMART Ink Video Directions

Hardware 60wi
Display Settings 60wi
Object Properties
Using the Gallery
The Magic Pen!
SMART Exchange(directions for creating an account)
SMART Exchange Directions
Toolbar and Tabs Overview


Additional Resources:

SMART Exchange is a website hosting hundreds of lessons. It’s a great place to get new ideas for ways to use the technology to make your lessons more engaging and meaningful for your students. Enter your subject, grade and topic, to browse and download lessons shared by teachers from around the globe. You will need to create an Exchange account the first time you login. Click here to get started!


Accessing SMART Exchange from SMART Notebook
Toolbar Overview
Customizing Your Toolbar
Accessing the Gallery
Adding Text to Your Notebook Page
Changing Screen Displays
Add Graphic Organizer to My Content
Printing From Notebook
Attaching and Embedding Files
Creating Activities with Activity Builder (LAB)
Concept Mapping
Math Lessons with Smart Notebook

Extreme Collaboration
Extreme Collaboration is a new tool from SMART that allows students to send an image or text directly to your SMART Notebook file via a web browser. If you have Notebook on your computer, Extreme Collaboration is a plug in that you can download.

Extreme Collaboration Videos:
Downloading and Installing
Starting a Session / Inserting a QR Code
Student Collaboration Demo

Directions: Extreme Collaboration directions