Welcome to the Visual Arts Department!

The Visual Arts Program at Lexington High School is well-rounded in its approach to traditional and digital art. Incoming freshmen who wish to pursue advanced art courses are required first take either Foundations of Fine Art or Foundations of Digital Art. After this requirement has been fulfilled, a wide variety of courses are available. Students at Lexington High School are able to choose from traditional courses, such as Drawing, Painting, Darkroom Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Illustration, as well as Digital Arts courses, such as Animation, Digital Video Production, Digital Imaging, and Graphic Design.

Across each course are several commonalities, such as class critiques and collaboration, an emphasis on the creative process, composition, design, and craftsmanship. It is the goal of the Visual Arts Department that each student who takes an art class leaves with essential critical thinking, collaborative, and design thinking skills as well as a lifelong appreciation and understanding of the Arts.

Program Leader
Alethea Roy (K-12 Coordinator of Visual Arts)
781-861-2320, ext. 69251
Debra Hankins
Lexington High School – Department Office: Room 202