Online Textbooks and Solution Manuals for Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3

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Students using the Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 textbooks have online access to electronic textbooks and solution manuals. This access is now available for 2018-2019 students.

If you have any trouble following these instructions and accessing these systems, ask your math teacher for help.

Electronic textbooks (from a web browser)

To access the electronic textbook for Math 1, Math 2, or Math 3, go to or use the Pearson Realize app on a device. You are already signed up for an account, so click on “Sign In” then follow the instructions.

For most students, the username is your Google account address ( and the password is your Google account password.

For some students, that username was unavailable so we needed to use the ending “.orgx” instead of “.org”. If you can’t get in using “.org” try again with “.orgx”.

If you’ve forgotten your Google username and password, your Dean’s secretary can look it up for you. If you have your username and password but can’t log in, see your teacher for help. For any other difficulties with the system, go to

Electronic textbooks (apps for iPad and Android)

If you have an iPad or Android tablet, there’s a free app that provides an alternate way to access your eText. Install the app “Pearson eText for Schools” from the iTunes Store or Google Play. Before using the app, you must have logged into the web browser version of the electronic textbook at least once. Then you can use the same username and password to log into the app.

Solution manuals

Solution manuals for the Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 textbooks are available in a PDF file for each chapter, stored in Google Drive. You will need to be logged into your google account, then use the following links.