Lexington High School
251 Waltham Street
Lexington, MA 02421
Telephone:  781-861-2320
Fax:  781-861-2440


Dr. Andrew Stephens, Principal
Julie LaLumiere x 69103


Andrew Baker, Associate Principal
Donna Sintiris x 69102


Theresa Bell,  Student Accounts Manager x 69104


Nicole Canniff, Dean Science Building
House Secretary Susan Donnellan x 69332


 Becky Wilusz, Dean World Language Building
House Secretary Marlene Couture x 69530


Scott Kmack, Dean Arts & Humanities Building
House Secretary Dianne Murphy x 69111


Kate Hermon, Dean of Student Services and Transition x 69193

Jaffrie Perrotti, Dean Math Building
House Secretary Carol Sampson x 69720