Course Verification Sheets-April 5, 2022

On Tuesday, April 5, your Course Request Verification Sheet will be available in Aspen as a published report. This sheet is a confirmation of the course requests you entered in Aspen, as well as the placement recommendations your current teachers entered on your behalf. Any changes you made during your Academic Advising appointment with your school counselor or via email should be reflected as well. Please be aware that this listing is meant only to verify your course requests and recommendations, and does not necessarily guarantee that you will be scheduled/enrolled in these courses for next year. 

Please review this document carefully, and if a course request is missing or incorrect, cross out the incorrect entry and add the four-digit course number and course name. While you may move down a level in an academic class, you may not request a level change up. Please return the revised sheet to your counselor by Tuesday, April 12. You may “return this sheet” by scanning and emailing it to your counselor, printing it up and leaving it in your counselor’s mailbox, OR sending an email to your counselor with clear instructions regarding your requested change. If no changes are required, you do not need to return the sheet or communicate to your counselor. 

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