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The nursing office is a site for providing health care and other related services to the preschool through grade 5 Harrington community. Students who are ill with symptoms of a contagious infection, such as a fever over 100° F, should remain at home. In the event that a student becomes sick or injured at school, he/she will be assessed, treated and if needed, referred to a parent or guardian listed on the Emergency Contact card. If a student is returning from school after an illness equal or greater than 5 consecutive days, a health care provider note is required (see attendance policy in handbook, pg 15).Please call the school nurse with any questions or concerns related to your child.Information to the nurse is appreciated for medical record updates and to ensure the best follow up care is provided for your child.
All medical forms for Lexington Public Schools are available by clicking “Health Forms” in the lefthand navigation.


  • Lice – Pleasemonitor your child’s head regularly for lice. It is important to catch aninfestation as early as possible. Try these Lice Management Tips.
  • Ticks – Tick season is here so please check your child’s body for ticks. If a tick is found, don’t panic, carefully remove the entire tick with a tweezers. DO NOT use matches as this only drives the tick further into the body. Read How to Remove a Tick for more details.
    After the tick is removed, wash the area well with soap and water. Although ticks attached for less than 24 hours are unlikely to spread most disease causing germs, it is advisable to contact your doctor if any rash or swelling occurs. Monitoring for ticks is a useful practice all summer as children spend more time outdoors.
  • For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Website on Ticks.

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