Applying to Lexington Children’s Place


If you wish your child to be considered for enrollment please complete the application form by selecting the link Application. Please note that there is a $25.00 application fee collected once your child is accepted.  (Further application and tuition fees are collected at a later date).

Once a week applications are reviewed and emails are sent in response to new applicants. Upon acceptance you can request a tour.   A number of factors influence our acceptance process:

  • Children must be 2 years, 4 months old before applications can be submitted.  (Applications submitted for children younger than 2 years, 4 months old will be voided). 
  • Children have to be at least 2 years, 9 months old before he or she can attend LCP.
  • Seven spaces in each classroom are reserved for children with identified special needs. Enrollment in this aspect of the program is different and involves assessment of the student.
  • Commitment to diversity with regard to cultural, racial and socioeconomic status is made.
  • Siblings of past LCP graduates are given preference.
  • All things above being equal, children will be accepted in the order they applied. 

The program is a public school program and supported  through Town and State funds under the Early Childhood Allocation Grant and private tuition.  All children, including those paying tuition, are subsidized by the LPS Operating Budget. The program is small and spaces are limited.  Enrollment is limited to residents of Lexington. The program does not want any family to defer application because of financial reasons.  If the application and or tuition fees are burdensome, parents/guardians should submit the application and explain such in their application.  A limited amount of scholarship assistance and/or alternative payment schedules are available.