Welcome to Lexington Children’s Place.

We are a district wide preschool program that is dedicated to helping young children, with and without disabilities, learn together in an inclusive and developmentally appropriate learning environment. We have been servicing young children in Lexington for almost 20 years.  Lexington’s preschool programming is under the auspices of the special education department and is located in the  “New” Harrington School in a wing designed to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of our students.

Lexington Children’s Place was developed to service children with disabilities as diagnosed by special education evaluations.  One of the services offered is Integrated Preschool Programming.  In these classrooms, children with and without special education needs are educated together.  There is a tuition fee for children without special needs.

A wide range of programming and services are provided for students with disabilities. These services and individualized and outlined in an Individual Education Plan.  The needs, as determined by the special education team, are the guiding factor in determining what services will be provided and the goals and objectives of these services.  Service provision can range from discrete therapies ( OT, Speech and Language, PT) to full classroom placement with many options and combination of services, determined by the needs of the student.  The goal of all preschool programming is to provide the student to develop his/her skills to participate effectively in age appropriate activities.  Referrals for evaluations come from many sources including, but not limited to, parents, community based preschool programs, hospitals, pediatricians, and Early Intervention.

Screenings to determine if special education evaluations may be needed are offered throughout the school year.  Parent should contact the Early Childhood Supervisor at 781-860-5823 to schedule an appointment.

We also provide subseparate programming with and without inclusion services for children who are not developmentally ready for full inclusion opportunities.   Some children require only discrete services ( OT, PT or Speech and Language) and those children can receive these services at LCP.

We hope, as you explore this site, your questions are answered.